Benefits of Speech and Public Speaking

"Speech involves a presentation by one, two, or sometimes a group of students that is judged against a similar type of presentation by others in a round of competition. Speech events range from limited preparation events that require extensive knowledge of current events to dramatic and humorous interpretation, which challenge students to find powerful moments in literature and recreate them for an audience." - National Speech and Debate Association. The following articles and research on the benefits of speech and debate are from the National Speech and Debate Association, National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and other organizations. For more click here. 

Skills Development

Speech and Debate Bolsters Student Confidence

Speech and Debate’s Impact on Academics

Making the Case for Forensics

MIT: Students on Debate Team Learn to Explain and Persuade Skillfully

DEBATE: Important for Everyone (PDF)

Speech and Debate Fosters Leadership Skills

High Schools Need to Make Debate Class a Graduation Requirement


Career Readiness

Top 3 Reasons to Join a Debate Club to Benefit Your Career

Do Debaters Make Better Lawyers?

6 Skills You Need To Succeed

Importance Of Communication Skills for Students

Competitive Debate and the Development of Legal Reasoning

3 Skills All Communications Majors Must Have

5 Skills College Grads Need to Get a Job

What Employers Want: 5 More Skills to Cultivate

Employers Seek Communication Skills in New Hires

Why Listening Might Be The Most Important Skill To Hire For

Employability Skills – Skills You Need for a Job

6 Ways Effective Listening Can Make You A Better Leader

Communication Skills in the Workplace: How To Get Your Point Across At Work

How to Really Listen to Your Employees


College Readiness

Forensics and Test Scores

Forensics and College Admissions

Hone the Top 5 Soft Skills Every College Student Needs



Teaching Soft Skills: Helping Youth Transition With Strength

Letters in Support of Speech and Debate

Why I Debate: Student Testimonials

The Value of Debate


Middle School

Making the Case for Teaching Students to Debate


Extracurricular Activities

Why Extracurricular Activities Are So Important

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